7 best Salesforce automation tools to make your organization more efficient


Salesforce can dramatically improve how companies drive sales, support customers, and offer products and services. But leveraging that power can be time-consuming. In order to make this process more efficient, organizations can harness the power of Salesforce with third-party automation tools.

Automation tools not only help you connect the right people at the right time, but they also can reduce the manual administrative tasks that so often can bog down sales representatives, managers, and teams.

Salesforce automation tools, when integrated properly, accomplish this by effectively streamlining data collection, analysis, and distribution in the sales pipeline. They can then help you generate leads and monitor sales activity, which in turn helps you enhance your business’s productivity.

The best of these third-party tools automate human-made data management tasks by making use of native-cloud, low-code integration platforms, which not only are easier for sales teams to understand but also offer factual data, speed up business workflows, and bring operational visibility to the entire organization.

There’s a wide array of Salesforce automation tools available on the market. To help you navigate them, here are the seven best Salesforce automation tools to make your team more efficient.

1. Veloxy

Veloxy has numerous features to assist you with Salesforce automation, no matter how long you’ve been using the CRM platform.

For starters, Veloxy helps you extend Salesforce to your inbox or smartphone for automatic lead capture and record updating. When you can access Salesforce from anywhere and on any device, you can automate and eliminate countless hours of non-selling activity.

Then, you can automatically hunt your customers’ email engagement to better prioritize leads. In addition to contact and account intelligence, Veloxy even offers social media aggregation and geolocation lead discovery.


  • Your leads and contacts are automatically evaluated and prioritized for buyer intent.
  • Field sales routes are optimized for more efficient visits and meetings.
  • Automatically capture, create, revamp, and track records from your inbox.

2. Docomotion

Docomotion is a document generation app for Salesforce that allows you to create over 1,000 files – including quotes, proposals, and contracts in various formats – in mere seconds and in just one click.

Like Veloxy, Docomotion provides a 5-star Salesforce user experience thanks to time-saving features and straightforward sales tools.

Docomotion easily integrates with existing Salesforce and business automation tools, permitting you to quickly reap the benefits with just a single button tap. Thanks to its robust security and privacy measures, Docomotion makes your sales process easier and more secure for you and your customers.


  • Catch email signatures and update contact records automatically
  • Personalize all your documents without the stress of manual entry.
  • Automate the cross-selling and upselling processes that demand documentation.

3. ZoomInfo

Renowned for their contact, account, and market intelligence service, ZoomInfo automatically keeps your records up-to-date, even when you’re not actively engaging with the platform.

This makes ZoomInfo’s data enrichment one of the most powerful automation tools for Salesforce, with endless possibilities to customize their workflows. Prioritize by lead score and territory, or selectively apply data automation to specific accounts.

This valuable tool also auto-prompts you when there is a new sales prospect where you currently don’t have a lead, contact, or account field. The system then offers valuable insights like mobile phone numbers, LinkedIn URLs, and newsworthy content.


  • Automatically creates newly found phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.
  • Integrates data enhancement with pre-existing lead scoring rules.
  • Prioritize data development workflows by territory, account, or other criteria.

4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics’s customer listening engine seamlessly links with your Salesforce account and actively solicits customer feedback using dozens of channels across social media, email, and messages to smartphones.

You can either proactively act on this data or let Qualtrics analyze and present ways to enhance customer loyalty. Then, when your sales team coordinates with other departments, Qualtrics can automatically trigger actions from Salesforce to your colleagues’ preferred tools, thereby automating customer satisfaction improvements.

Setup is easy, with 100+ integrations that will work right out of the box to help bring a smile to your customers’ faces.


  • Automates feedback recommendations based on your customized milestones.
  • Trigger personalized outreach to customers that indicate your commitment.
  • Share a pre-prepared customer experience dashboard with the C-Suite.

5. LevelElevn

If you’re looking for a robust sales gamification tool, check out LevelEleven.

Using Salesforce-integrated contests, sales managers can introduce fun competition to boost their team’s morale and motivation.

LevelEleven’s setup is fast and fun, replacing traditional management tools with a platform that facilitates a healthy and competitive work environment. You can even replace ordinary spreadsheets with customizable, ready-made coaching templates that are dynamic and colorful.


  • Improve morale with gamification leaderboards.
  • Identify those metrics that generate real results.

6. TaskRay

When you win a new customer, what’s next? For SMBs and enterprise businesses, the sequence of tasks can be burdensome to sales staff, especially account managers. Thankfully, TaskRay makes onboarding new customers fast and efficient for everyone.

TaskRay authorizes sales users to templatize and automate customer onboarding processes. From contracts to questionnaires, kick-off meetings, and checkups, you can have the peace of mind that everything will function according to your custom-designed plan after you close your next deal.


  • Easy setup using TaskRay’s native Salesforce interface.
  • Onboarding speed and efficiency metrics for continual improvement.
  • Forecast resource allotment before onboarding to inform staffing decisions.

7. Apptoto

Apptoto is an online scheduling platform and automated appointment reminder system that improves your Salesforce calendar by sending text, email, and voice note reminders.

These reminders can go to you, your sales team, customers, and anyone else on your calendar. Apptoto integrates with Zoom and other online meeting tools, so you can eliminate no-shows and meeting miscommunications once and for all, for both online and in-person engagements.


  • Integrates with calendars and address books to reduce manual work.
  • Allows clients to reschedule meetings.

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